Marketing Extension Program

Intersection’s Marketing Extension Program offers a unique way for companies to prioritize and scale their marketing initiatives around their business needs, on a short, medium and long term basis.

A customized program is created for each client, designed to add expertise in key areas of your marketing and sales. We provide a seamless extension to your business and bring the necessary skills grow your business.  Our program is scalable, flexible and effective.

Strategy Development

Integrated Marketing is a key component of Intersection’s expertise. We believe in the importance of all marketing initiatives being coordinated with senior management, sales and product development. We work with your team to create goals and we stick around to implement them for you.

Reporting and Benchmarking

The core of Intersection’s success is being able to provide results. We work with clients in setting clear objectives and a path to achieving them. Together we hold regular planning and benchmarking meetings to make sure your marketing initiatives are prioritized, optimized and delivered.

Strategy Execution
At Intersection, we roll up our sleeves and own the marketing process for you. As an extension of your business, we know what is needed and can implement marketing programs at all levels. This may be designing your website, writing a press release, or developing an effective differentiation strategy against your competition.

Providing Results
Intersection's team owns the marketing process all the way through. During the implementation process, we provide reports on the success level of each project. Each item is evaluated and tweaked to provide maximum return on your marketing investment.

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How It Works
The Marketing Extension Program allows you to allocate a set number of hours for marketing each month. This gives you the flexibilty to budget for your marketing initiatives, without hidden surprises.

To get started, Intersection will work with your management and sales team to create a marketing plan. The plan is a working document that consists of opportunities, goals and objectives. Based on the number of contracted hours, we will develop an implementation schedule over several months to a year.

The program is flexible...we will adapt to changes in priority. Just because it is in the plan doesn't mean it is set in stone.

To learn more about Intersection's Marketing Extension Program, contact us today.